The Premier Performance Enhancement and Injury Management Program
The Equestrian Athlete

What is Equicision?

In 2003 I was a certified athletic trainer looking for a new challenge. I was involved with the ASTM body padding group through another sport and became intrigued at the discussions had regarding safety of the equestrian athlete. Through these contacts I spent a day with the safety coordinator at the Stuart Horse trials. Fascinated by what I saw the athletes putting themselves through, I asked “What type of injury management and fitness programs do you have for equestrian athletes?” In response to the shocking answer of “none”. Thus began the adventure learning and researching all I could about equestrian athletes. As my education advanced, I began to understand that equestrian athletes are, arguably, the most complex athletes in the world. To fully understand these athlete’s required more than my sports medicine knowledge. I had to incorporate knowledge from other medical fields, human movement, and equine sciences.

Now 15 years later and with 30 years experience as a practicing athletic trainer; this comprehensive sports medicine based, performance enhancement and injury management program can help you:

  • Improve communication with your horse
  • Enhance overall performance
  • Reduce the risk of injury

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Personal Training or Consultation

In person: Cost $75 within 30-mile radius of Webster N.Y. .50 cents per mile after that.

Internet based: $25.00/hr. Covers: Review of your present conditioning program for review, any questions generated while reviewing your material, and the report/first plan (Call, Skype or FB Chat to review with you). Programs are reviewed and adjusted every 4-6 weeks or at your request.

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If you are interested in Personal training/consultation or have a question the library can’t answer, please email me. I'm based out of Webster NY.