NO Charge Athletic Screen:
This 15-minute screen is designed to help you figure out what to do about that ache, bump or bruise. A plan is then created to help get you back on track. This may include a simple home-based exercise program or referral to your physician or physical therapy for more advanced care.

Personal Training
In person, at your home or gym, or Gananda Walworth PT and Village fitness in Gananda NY, or over Internet. Everything related to the long distance personal training work is billed at $25.00/hr..
Please allow one hour. Athletes receive a full evaluation and then a program addressing his or her specific needs is created.
Consists of sporting screen, present program evaluation, any questions generated while reviewing your material, and the report/first plan (Call, Skype or FB Chat to review with you). Programs are reviewed and adjusted every 4-6 weeks or at your request.

One on One Training:
Evaluation and Initial 4-week program design (Home Based or In-House) $25.00
Re-evaluation (If desired) $25.00
One-on-One Personal Training $25.00 per 1-hr session
On-going consultation over email $25.00 per hour